Back to Work…

Well, I made it back to work today – all the way until 2:30.  But now the coughs have got me again and I’m tired…we’ll see if tomorrow can go until 3!

Foto Friday (Saturday Edition) 01/10/09

Hey! Guess What!  I left the house today. Twice!  This is progress, for sure.

Katy was very jealous of Lucy’s appearance on the blog last week, so it’s her turn now.  (Did you know dogs can get jealous? It’s scientific fact.  Check it out –


Hi. I’m a big dummy, but I love you all lots and lots and lots!

Here’s to feeling a little better and the start of a brand new week tomorrow!

The BCS? I hate it.

The problem is I can’t stand Oklahoma or Florida!

The only solution, of course, is for neither team to win.  Let’s ponder how that can happen.

I’m on board with Utah being national champions, just so none of these guys can have the satisfaction. Yay, Utes!

WIP Wednesday – 1/7/09

It’s hard to believe it’s already almost the second week in January – time has gotten a bit away from me while I’ve been buried under blankets and beat down by sinus pressure.

I’m pretty close to finishing my first real sweater (for me), so I’m using the last pic of that I took for WIP Wednesday.

Baseball Raglan WIP

It’s a bottom-up baseball style raglan.  This pic doesn’t show it, but one sleeve has stripes in the same color as the body because I was not going to have enough yarn otherwise.  All that’s left is to seam it – I haven’t been up to that this week, but I’m hoping I can finish it off this weekend.  After that, I’ll be showing off my first FO of the year!

Another deep thought while I recover…

Mark Teixeira looks terrible in pinstripes.  Then again, who doesn’t?

For My Texas Friends…

Hook ‘Em Horns.

Well, that lasted a whole two days.

At least pressure’s off on that whole post every day thing.  Funny how being unable to hold your head up for more than 4 minutes at a time will help you forget about blogging.   Hopefully, though, I’m on the mend, because this has been really ridiculous.